The picture of your receipt must be submitted to by 2/28/17 11:59:59pm PT.
Program Terms:

1. Four qualifying Chex Mix bags must be purchased between 11/1/16 and 1/31/17.
2. Receipt must show retailer name, date, time, receipt total, and qualifying purchase.
3. Limited to twelve (12) submissions per customer.
4. Each receipt can only be submitted once. Only one reward per receipt.

Submission Instructions:

Snap a picture of the entire receipt. Ensure it clearly shows:
(1) the purchase of four qualifying Chex Mix bags
(2) date and time of purchase
(3) the total amount of the transaction

Tips on Taking Your Photo:

Flatten the receipt and place it on a dark non-reflective surface. Make sure there is enough light and that the entire receipt is in the frame. Hold the camera steady and also make sure the receipt is in focus. Review the image quality before submitting.

If you upload or email your receipt you will receive 2 reply emails. If you submit your receipt via text you will receive 1 reply. The 2 email replies are as follows: (1) an email confirmation of receipt; and (2) after your receipt has been validated, you will receive a reply email or text with a unique code. If your submission does not comply with the requirements, you will receive 1) an email or text confirmation of receipt and 2) an error reply message via text or email. If your second attempted submission does not comply with the requirements, you will receive an error text or email message requesting you to submit via mail-in.